Butcher and the Boar

It would make sense that my first food blog is on my favorite restaurant, Butcher and the Boar. My life was first changed by this restaurant August of 2012 when I dined with three work friends. I have this category for the best restaurants that I eat at; I call them “remember every bite” restaurants. Butcher and the Boar is the poster child for a “remember every bite” restaurant.

While I didn’t document my first visit extensively, I do have this photo I took with my phone:

Long Rib

In this photo you see the ‘Smoked Beef Long Rib’, which I believe, is one of the two items you should not leave Butcher and the Boar without trying. It is a big shank of tender meat to be shared amongst the group.

Speaking of group, that is how I would suggest eating at this restaurant. Bring a group of friends who love to try different dishes and share. I watched a couple eat next to us and they ordered many items so they could try something from the various categories. They could hardly make a dent but had a ton of leftovers.

Butcher and the Boar Menu

Before we jump too far into the menu, I’m thirsty. Let’s talk beverages. I am not a whisky person normally; I am not even a hard alcohol lover. It doesn’t matter though; you need to try some of their signature cocktails. Again, order a round a share it with everyone around the table. If you are a whisky lover, try a sampling of the large menu of bourbons.

Juicy Basil

On to the menu… Starters!  The first visit, we started with the ‘Stuffed Jalapenos’, which have peanut butter in them. Weirdly delicious. On the second visit, we started with the ‘Duck Carnitas’ salad. It is smaller but a perfect first bite.

Duck Carnitas

The courses tend to move from left to right but I focused both visits on the ‘Sausage’, ‘Meats’ and ‘Sides’ categories. I am sure their seafood is amazing but that is not why I visit Butcher and the Boar. THE NUMBER ONE ITEM YOU HAVE TO GET IS (drum roll) the ‘Berkshire Pork & Cheddar’. For both visits it was everyone’s favorite hands down (including me). I think there is a witch doctor in the back casting spells on the Berkshire. On the second visit we ordered the ‘For the Table’ sausage sampler, it included the ‘Wild Boar Hot Link’, the ‘Berkshire Pork & Cheddar’ and the ‘Texas Beef Link’… nom nom nom.

For the Table


To the main course, like I mentioned previously I highly recommend the ‘Smoked Beef Long Rib’ being one of the items you order. That is not to take away from the scrumptious ‘Double Cut Berkshire Pork Chop’. It was smoky and flavorful, and reminded me of ham.

Berkshire Pork Chop

On the side, on the sides! You will have a difficult time choosing, pick your favorites and then try something out of your comfort zone. In the two times I have been there I tried the ‘Cheesy Corn Grits’, ‘Blackened Cauliflower’, ‘Cedar Planked Mushrooms’, ‘Red Hot Brussels Sprouts’, ‘Skillet Cornbread’ and the ‘Sour Cream-Chive Mash’. I never felt wronged. Out of this list I would suggest the ‘Cheesy White Corn Grits’ the grits were very smooth and not grainy, it was like having the best mashed potatoes ever.

Delicious Sides

I don’t care how full you are. Get some dessert! The first time we had a liquid cocktail dessert, it felt right at the moment but after tasting the ‘Chocolate Diablo Pudding’ I can admit not having dessert my first visit was a mistake 🙂

Dessert MenuCheck out Butcher and the Boar

1121 Hennepin Ave  Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 238-8888

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