The Maine Event- Part 2

Bar Harbor, Maine Days 3-5

Day 3

The next morning we headed NE to Bar Harbor and if you are not in a hurry (you are on vacation of course you are not in a hurry), take the scenic route on U.S. 1. This beautiful coastal road will take you through every quintessential small Maine town along the ocean. Take time to get out of your car do some shopping, get a few bites to eat, and take in the scenery. Some pictures from our drive:

60782_10101796438479781_1529728882_n 133815_10101796416818191_496403291_o 225958_10101796610954141_389016830_n 249997_10101796463709221_1039383354_n 487643_10101796465605421_1274520268_n 523302_10101796439847041_1479911686_n 539377_10101796461743161_1338947680_n

The staff at the Allagash Brewery recommended getting a picnic lunch and taking a hike up to Bald Rock. There are two different ways to get to the top of Bald Rock, the first is through the main entrance of Camden State Park, and the second is through the trailhead in Lincolnville. For more detailed information: We took the trailhead from Lincolnville that has a parking lot.

335247_10101796446349011_85179076_o 460915_10101796447831041_1492354525_o 477449_10101796459961731_424745959_o

I would say that this hike is pretty strenuous as it is 2.5 miles completely uphill. Most of the hike is on cleared large paths but at the end it begins to get steeper. If I can do it, I have no doubt it you and the end reward is worth it! Pictures really don’t do it justice but have a look anyways. 190980_10101796452945791_1043977475_o209958_10101796450600491_1166784428_o 36582_10101796448469761_770545877_n 201414_10101796452057571_186187871_o

We then checked into our hotel, the Best Western Acadia Park Inn. I would highly recommend this hotel. The rooms were nice, it was a short drive from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, and the price was very reasonable. There are many motels along state highway 3 that seemed to be vacant as it was not “tourist season” but I it would take more investigating to find out their availability.

We settled into our hotel and then headed down to Bar Harbor for dinner. Generally I would describe the town as touristy but romantic, again we didn’t technically go at peak visiting time but there were a few cruise ships in town. We ate at Rupununi Restaurant that offered your typical Maine Fare. We chose the restaurant because we wanted to people watch on the patio. Erik had the Rueben burger with rosemary fries, I had the crab cake appetizer, sweet potato rounds, and “special sauce” green beans. It wasn’t the best meal in the world but it did the trick that night.

307792_10101796470984641_2146380335_n 293025_10101796469572471_1896979601_n 269085_10101796466847931_511238279_n

After dinner we shopped and wandered around the streets. It was another beautiful night.

3126_10101796498150201_1903953162_n 3462_10101796473993611_911578859_n 54958_10101796412736371_1556096832_o 55134_10101796489003531_1917774510_o 198694_10101796475505581_1441094094_n55533_10101796491548431_429282967_o-1 220460_10101796476603381_132756435_o 228819_10101796490335861_1632881188_n 281165_10101796483454651_297335389_o 557114_10101796495345821_132050756_n 527273_10101796486199151_984817514_n

Day 4

The next morning we visited Acadia National Park. That day was one of the most memorable days of my life. Acadia National Park has it all, beaches, forests, lakes, cliffs, and amazing views. We had one day at the park and once we got there we realized we could have spent a week there (we hope to in the future). We drove a long Park Loop Rd and visited the Sand Beach, Beaver Dam Pond, Jordan Pond House, and basked in the views atop Cadillac Mountain. To plan your visit:

248469_10101796528988401_1565946715_n47203_10101796542147031_228952884_n 253052_10101796520814781_1096334077_n 413374_10101796504322831_7959812_o 539286_10101796531687991_2005795914_n 564065_10101796532631101_1664371078_n 598660_10101796577236711_8527483_n 304472_10101796563399441_1333719355_n 422817_10101796539971391_198936203_n426348_10101796568943331_236132992_n486767_10101796556882501_1344077496_n

That night we wanted an authentic lobster boil. Side note: neither of us really love seafood but when in Rome. I believe everyone should go to a lobster boil on the side of the highway. We had no idea what we were doing when it came to us; it reminded me of dissecting something in science class except that you eat it at the end. But it tasted great and the price was reasonable.

486646_10101796582266631_974910665_n271181_10101796584033091_2093873675_n 303259_10101796584821511_2006683297_n 390551_10101796585400351_406473614_n 408577_10101796580530111_721225843_n  548000_10101796579357461_912532301_n 581563_10101796583214731_1930214152_n

That night we wandered around Bar Harbor again, got some pizza for our second dinner at Rosalie’s Pizza, and brought a bottle of wine back to our hotel.

408718_10101796587216711_1171010712_n46565_10101796585959231_1842876729_n 218001_10101796593389341_1690561415_n 308293_10101796588683771_1165706277_n 393663_10101796589786561_663434579_n 483042_10101796591922281_638499771_n 539504_10101796589207721_1431514035_n 578423_10101796586528091_1286186390_n538921_10101796590759611_1061415477_n 644099_10101796596058991_1453556108_n 536210_10101796597061981_854416652_n

Day 5

I had never seen a whale in the wild before our trip to Maine, and sadly I have still never seen a whale in the wild. This fact is sad, not because I deserve to see a whale in the wild or I am mad I paid a lot of money to see one and didn’t… but because our tour guides shared that normally the time we visited was prime whale viewing normally. But because of changes in water temperature (approximately 3 degrees higher that normal) the whale’s food was somewhere else changing their migration patterns.

On a bright note, we took a glorious tour through the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. and saw many seals and sea birds; it was very informative and beautiful. And because we did not actually see a whale our ticket is good for another free trip for as long as we live until we see a whale on their cruise (we will be back).

246557_10101796609018021_1298489319_n76208_10101796598793511_458317746_n 185085_10101796601453181_1811330786_n404149_10101796609422211_1496194260_n

We slowly headed back to Portland, ME after our cruise, bellied up to the bar a the Great Lost Bear again and played some cribbage.

Day 6

We only had a little time in the morning but we made sure not to leave without checking out the brunch at Local 188 which was suggested over and over to us by our servers in Portland. It was amazing, do not leave Portland without eating there. My husband ordered one of the best bloody mary’s I have ever had and I had a delicious mimosa. For breakfast I ordered the Caribbean corned beef hash and my husband had the biscuits and gravy. You must go there.

576876_10101796613169701_1878924651_n 383998_10101796613873291_1586359886_n307837_10101796612550941_1226578678_n

In closing, I couldn’t recommend Maine for an awesome cost-efficient honeymoon. It was truly spectacular, and if you love food and craft beer it is perfect for you! Questions? Ask away!

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