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Thanks to an old colleague who was willing to be contracted quickly we were able to answer the technical questions for the bidders, the answers do not make for the most riveting blog post but comment below if you disagree. For the content related questions, I created the video below using the assignment I had created in CI 5336.

Follow up questions after the video:

Will we need to plan for payment processing on the NYLC assessments? Online checkout, etc? I’m guessing no, but I want to make sure.

Yes, actually that would be the ideal if people could submit their payment right in the module. I am not sure how else it would work without a lot of extra administrative work. The simpler the process the better.

For Badges, how many categories and how many actual badges do you envision overall? (5 categories, with 4 levels of badges each -bronze thru platinum).

On the last slide it indicates at this moment, how many badges we are planning on distributing. The badges with the blue text indicate that it would likely require us uploading an excel and the badges with an asterisk indicate it would be a progressive badge: bronze, silver, gold, platinum (four levels).

That being said, we want to be able to create our own badges as we go that obviously will not be able to be triggered by anything in the online system but administrators can give out for program related content.

  • Is existing codebase viewable? If not full source the Gemfile definition to see full application framework stack.– Did the code I sent you cover this question?
  • What is the current state of test coverage?
    • What test frameworks used? (Rspec, Cucumber, etc)– Cucumber
    • What coverage exists? (unit, functional, etc) integration, unit, and performance
Project Plan
  • Interactive modules with supporting resources and videos
    • What are all the resources you want to support? (video, audio, text, etc) Video, audio, text, pictures, PDF and word documents
  • Members will have the opportunity to earn digital badges throughout the project planning process.
    • Is the criteria for these thresholds already established? No, I am assuming they would need to answer all of the required questions to earn the badge for that step.
    • Offline credit upload – What format? (csv, xls, etc) xls
  • Members can publish their project to the site at any time, request feedback, and print.
    • Through the editing process, what sort of data retention is required?  Drafts, published versions, etc. I think their responses should publish as soon as they share them, even if they decide to go back and change them. I think anytime they make a change to their project plan whether it is additions or changes it should automatically save.
  • The fifth module is a peer assessment where members can elect to have their project peer assessed.
    • Does this process already exist (assumption is the Service-Learning Self-Assessment is a pre-existing tool/system). Attached.
    • What does this entail? Rankings?  Written feedback, etc. Rankings, and written feedback but the member assessing must be able to see the evidence and the user plan at the same time they are assessing.
  • Updates to the project can be made at any time by users.
    • See data retention/drafts question above.
  • Every section of the project plan can be updated at any time with evidence from the member.
    • Is the evidence made up of the same resources attributed to the project during creation? (video, audio, text, etc) Yes, Video, audio, text, pictures, PDF and word documents
Are there more details available for this portion of the project?  Current assumptions from the video are:
  • Grants are available for a limited about of time. Yes
  • Any project can apply for a grant, as long as it is currently open. Yes
  • There are core Grant questions that are asked of all applicants. Not that I know of at this time, I think depending on the funder, these may change.
  • Each grant can have additional custom information that needs to be submitted.  As such, a flexible form builder will be required that can support creating questions such as:
    • Text/Essay entries
    • Multiple Choice answers
    • Uploading of resources (video, audio, images, etc) Yes

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