The Generator, Winter/Spring 2013

With this issue of The Generator we explore the expanding role of technology in the classroom and how it can improve service-learning work. Read about how the school-age students in Generation Z see and use technology in their lives and how that changes their approach to learning. Get a list of online resources that can enhance your classroom work and student engagement. Learn how New Foundations Charter School has integrated technology into their service-learning work  in many different projects. This issue includes a Teacher Tools tipsheet with even more great technology resources.

Publication year:



Amy Meuers

 Lana Peterson
 Natalie Waters-Seum
GeneratorWinterSpring2013_0_Page_1 GeneratorWinterSpring2013_0_Page_2 GeneratorWinterSpring2013_0_Page_3 GeneratorWinterSpring2013_0_Page_4 GeneratorWinterSpring2013_0_Page_5

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