AERA 2016- Washington, D.C.

In the spring of 2016 I presented a roundtable at the American Education Research Association Conference in Washington, D.C. Student Tech Teams to the Rescue was a research project I was, at the time, almost done collecting data on. I presented my ongoing results and received a lot of great feedback and questions that informed my analysis and final interviews.


Rarely is the students’ role within technology integration discussed despite the possible benefits of authentically engaging students in the process. More schools are starting to utilize students for technology support but there is a lack of empirical evidence to understand this trend. This paper presents a strategy for how researchers can better understand why schools should use students in this capacity, what students are getting out of the experience, and how educators can create situated learning environments that allow students to learn within a community of professionals. The end result could be a theoretically grounded model that is replicable despite the different school contexts.

Pictured are all of the presenters from my roundtable session.

I was also officially appointed as the Graduate Student Representative to the Computers and Internet Application in Education special interest group for 2016-2018.

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