Food is my hobby.

Eating brings me joy as I sample new flavors and visit old classics. One of my favorite podcasts, The Sporkful with Dan Pachman’s tagline is, “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters”. To me that means you can be just as satisfied with a $100 dinner as you can with a plate of pizza rolls. It is not about being seen, knowing, or associated with a specific trend but your relationship with the food.

I can’t knit, paint, or build but I can cook you a damn good meal. It is not just the process of cooking a meal either, it is the ritual that happens prior- finding the recipe, comparing multiple approaches, gathering all the ingredients. Then the cooking commences and I find myself in a meditative flow. My grandmothers were both known for their cooking and I remember how much I enjoyed their food. Unfortunately, they both passed prior to my love of cooking. When I am in the kitchen, I feel connected to them, as if they are leading me through each recipe.

Just like my grandmothers, I show love through food. The time and energy it takes to research, prepare, cook, and serve is how I show my affection to others. Seeing people enjoy food I have prepared brings me great satisfaction. Similarly, sharing a meal at a restaurant or being cooked for is a special experience. Sharing of food, sharing of culture, and sharing of friendship all go hand in hand.

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