Better and Better

Modules 4-6 look very similar but their interaction is unique. Each of these modules is some kind of assessment; the difference is whom the assessor is. As we encourage reflection for our students we must as that educators and student project planners look back and evaluate their work. It is through this evaluation that we believe that practitioners, no matter their role, will grow to use service-learning with quality. At NYLC we base the quality of the service-learning on the use of the K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice.

A few years ago NYLC contracted with The Center for Urban Initiatives & Research

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to create The GSN Self-Assessment Guide for Service-Learning Projects. This is a multi-step process that has practitioners self-rate their service-learning project by using evidence such as student work. This rubric will serve as the guide for modules 4-6. Below is an example of one of the rubric pages and a final scoring sheet.

GSN_Self-Assessment_Rubric_Page_1 GSN_Self-Assessment_Rubric_Page_9

Members will go through and use the evidence that they uploaded to self-rate using this process. The project-planning tool will not allow the member(s) to use the self-assessment module until the member(s) have uploaded at least 8 pieces of evidence (one for each standard). The rating tool will also allow the member to leave comments. The project will not be complete until the member has completed the self-assessment module.

Modules five and six are optional but both will be recognized with badges and will use a similar process. Module five will require a GSN member assess another member’s project and provide feedback. The assessor will use the same rating scale, utilize the evidence uploaded by the project planner, and provide comments. The NYLC adjudication is similar but may be more of a back and forth until the member increases the quality of the plan or the evidence. This is a win-win-win situation because it allows the member to have their project “NYLC Certified”, it shows are other members which projects have been stamped as quality, and it gives us at NYLC a solid library of quality projects to use as examples.

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