Finishing my M.Ed.

This blog post represents a turning point for my final project and me. For my final project I proposed, hired, and managed the integration of an online badging system and project planning tool within the professional development website. What has been two years of exploring, learning, and planning is now coming alive with real web developers and an extra title behind my name.  As I entered the next stage I must give some shout-outs to people who supported me the past two years.

First and foremost my husband Erik who has more patience than I thought humanly possible. He has been beyond supportive of me following my dreams and using most of my “free time” for school, turning our house into my office, and has allowed me to neglect cleaning anything for some time now.

Big thanks Joel Donna, Nesrin Bakir, and Angel Pazurek for being awesome advisers during this process. All three have encouraged me to follow my passions and interests and make this process my own. Angel has truly made what could have been a very stressful semester a fun journey.

The instructors and professors who gave me their all throughout the two years: Diane Laufenberg, Nesrin Bakir, Robert Tennyson, Suzan Koseoglu, Sarah North, Aaron Doering, Luke Lecheler, and Matti Koivula. All of your courses were relevant and well executed. You all modeled for me that online courses can be engaging, constructive, and meaningful for learners.

All my LT peers, what started off as a group of classmates are now my friends and represent my professional learning network. I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow with you all and I imagine our paths will cross many times in the future.

To Aaron Doering who inspired me to apply for the Ph.D. program, I am not quite sure what I just got myself into but I am very excited for the journey and the opportunity to work with you.

To my coworkers, I work with a very encouraging and supportive group of people who have done everything in their power to help me with school. Especially thank you to my boss Kelita Bak for believing in my vision and my cube-mate Elizabeth Koenig.

And last but not least my friends and family who have put up with my absence and having to say no in order to focus on school. Unfortunately that fact may not change but knowing you will love me anyways makes it better.

I love the Learning Technologies Program at the University of Minnesota. Every course is relevant, well designed, and has immediate application to a wide-range of professions. It has already opened many doors for me in the for-profit, non-profit, and educational sectors. Here is to the next chapter in my LT journey!

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